Radiation and poisonous Uranian Dust has reached Lublin, Poland, from the ammunition dump hit in Ukraine last Friday.  In that Ammo dump was about $500 Million of Depleted Uranium tank shells supplied to Ukraine by Britain.  Now, the radiation and the poisonous dust, has reached Lublin Poland.

Levels of radioactivity shown on the graph above, were measured at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland). This indicates that dust from the uranium ammunition was blown by the wind from Khmelnitsky to Lublin.

2 days, 400 km away . . .


Those who were outdoors and breathes the poisonous, radioactive, dust, are highly likely to suffer serious respiratory illness, and later, lung cancer.   Now that the dust has arrived, and some of it presumably settled on the ground, rain will carry it into ground water, where it will quietly POISON the water for decades.

Women who drink the water, especially while pregnant, will likely miscarry (lose) the baby, or see it born with hideous birth defects.

All this because NATO couldn’t mind its own business, and stay out of the Ukraine-Russia fight.  NONE of this had to be.

Uranium metal is pyrophoric which mean it ignites spontaneously if exposed to heat or flame. The resulting Uranium dust is now scattered on the ground over the 500 + Km path that the dust cloud traveled. This is a significant contamination event.
The plan was to distribute the radioactive shells all over Ukraine one bit at a time to pollute the whole country, preferring the Eastern part where the Russian people live. Now it’s in one location, its intensity is powerful enough to be measured and countermeasures are possible. And as an added bonus the pollution is concentrated in NATO countries. There is now a slight possibility, yes, ever so slight, that this incident may stop the distribution of radioactive weapons.
Colonel Douglas MacGregor reveals the devastating truth about Ukraine’s standing army, they’ve been obliterated. President Zelensky this weekend said there are long lines at Ukraine’s recruitment centers but there is no evidence of that. Russia continues to decimate air defense across Ukraine ahead of a June offensive”.

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