Last night, I reported to all of you that three more U.S. Banks were in big trouble and named PACWEST BANCORP as one of those three.  Today, its stock value dropped but that was nothing compared to what has taken place since markets closed at 4:30 this afternoon.   PACWEST stock has plunged 56%+ since 4:30 today!

As of 5:51 PM EDT tonight (3 May 2023):

2.7892 -3.6308 (-56.5545%)

PacWest now has mandatory institutional divestment.  Opinions of Traders on the street is that the Bank will probably drop to $1-$2 tomorrow, and the Bank will be Dead in a week . . . just like First Republic Bank this past Monday.

2023 is the year toxic zombie & woke banks DIE!

Silicon Valley Bank…..DEAD

Signature Bank…..DEAD

First Republic Bank…..DEAD

PacWest Bank…..DEAD???

Who’s next?

My guess:

Western Alliance
Metropolitan Commercial

(Not necessarily in that order)

What we are seeing is they are removing cash from the system very quickly. Since The Federal Reserve Powell raised interest rates today .0.25% guess what that’s going to do. Your going to see higher food prices and gas prices.hyperinflation will coming in the coming months. Going into next year.

Source: Harold Turner

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