Russian nuclear doctrine is clear: Nuclear weapons can be used either in response to a nuclear strike or if the country’s vital interests are in danger.

Let’s be clear: The coalition of Western countries supplying increasingly powerful weapons to Ukraine MAY endanger Russia’s vital interests.

Currently our forces are in the process of finishing off Bakhmut, but this is in fact what one might call a side event. While the Ukrainians kidnap the teenagers to send them directly to the front (see these kids, prisoners of Wagner, at the end of this video) and therefore wait for the resupply of Western equipment, our military factories are running at full capacity, the production of missiles and other equipment breaks records.

Today, Vladimir Putin refuses the (traditional) strikes on NATO material storage bases, in Germany, Romania, Poland and in the Baltic States. NATO equipment is only partially destroyed on Ukrainian soil, but another significant part reaches the front lines. However, it is much more difficult to hit 100 tanks transported to Ukraine in camouflaged civilian trucks than to hit a parking lot in Germany where these 100 tanks are parked.

Obviously it is not for me to criticize Vladimir Putin’s decisions, but the current escalation with a kind of hysteria to find out which European country will send the most weapons to Ukraine is a march, or rather a race towards a serious escalation. We also note that NATO very openly encourages Ukraine to attack Crimea and provides them with equipment for this purpose. But attacking Crimea for Russia is the same thing as attacking Moscow. There will be no compromise here.

What will happen is very simple: First Russia will use its new weapons, it has already started slowly, then depending on the situation, it may consider that its vital interests are in danger and will therefore carry out some strikes. “tactical” nuclear weapons, admittedly limited but which will completely change the situation. These will no doubt be limited to Ukraine but will most likely be accompanied by strikes using hypersonic weapons on materiel storage bases in Europe.

In “authoritative circles” voices are heard, from important figures, pointing out that NATO is running out of stocks and that it will then be time to put an end to this structure once and for all. , not out of a desire for expansionism but out of security for Russia. Imagine “Western” Europe completely neutralized, Russia will then be completely safe, the Americans no longer having their European cannon fodder!

In such a case it is likely that Turkey and Iran will join Russia with the discreet support of China to… This will be the subject of a later article.

Let us remember a statement by Vladimir Putin Why would anyone want a world if there is no Russia? ».

There won’t be, and NATO bears full responsibility for what will happen. The peoples of Europe will then be able to regret their passivity, but it will be too late.

source: Rusreinfo

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