Russia, on Sunday, began large-scale exercises of its strategic nuclear forces, on the eve of Biden’s visit to Europe.

The exercises include large-scale maneuvers for its strategic nuclear forces.

Meanwhile, the White House has told Zelenskyy to prepare for a major Russian offensive now!

There are “no plans” for President Biden to enter Ukraine during his upcoming trip to Poland, NSC spokesman John Kirby said Sunday.  HOWEVER . . . .

Biden will address the citizens of Russia and Putin, during his visit to Poland on February 21 according to John Kirby

As of today, Russia has 5977 nuclear warheads; the most in the world. They also have the most advanced nuclear missile technology in the world.

NATO has said if they see activity of Russian nuclear forces that could possibly be preparation to launch a nuclear attack, NATO will attack Russian nuclear forces ( with conventional weapons), it was said.


Russia President Vladimir Putin is testing his hypersonic “SARMAT” missile and officials in remote districts in eastern Russia have been warned to be ready for a test launch between February 15 and 25

The giant 208-ton hypersonic missile is capable of carrying FIFTEEN individual nuclear warheads including Russia’s new Hypersonic “Glide” Vehicles which cannot be stopped by any missile defense presently on earth.

Unusual Flights

As this story is written at 8:36 PM eastern US time Sunday night, there are unusual flights circling over Poland of RC-135W Rivet Joint (electronic surveillance), and Boeing E-3B Sentry (Airborne early warning and control) aircraft accompanied by KC-135T Stratotanker for refueling.

It’s unusual because they very rarely fly at night over Europe, almost never.

I can also report a nuclear armed submarine has been placed on the ‘highest level’ of combat readiness and that strategic bombers have been moved to a base in Tambov, Russia.


In a normal, rational, world, these Nuclear exercises would send a clear message. But in OUR world, this message will likely be laughed off by Biden. He doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, I think Biden wouldn’t understand a nuke being dropped on his head. In my view, he’s so addled by Dementia, he’s barely conscious.

At this point, I don’t think anything can halt what is coming.

It is not about occupation it is about survival for Russia, NATO has made it clear they intend on crushing them and dividing it up into regions and exploit their natural resources. Russia is telling them to back the fuck up.

We are closer to WWIII today than we’ve ever been. This time, if nations continue down this road, there will be full blown world war.

Are we ready for that? Rationing? The threat of invasion? Bombings? Military policing? Internment camps? Bread lines? Hunger? Famine? Mass depopulation?

We can barely keep the supply chain going post-Covid. A world war?

Our government needs to let this Ukraine thing go.  They, however, will not.

The one thing that bothers me about Biden’s trip to Poland . . . .  what if it turns into an “Arch Duke Ferdinand” moment?

What if the US “Deep State” plans to kill Biden while he’s in Poland, and blame Russia?

Kamala Harris becomes President, and off to war we all go.

This week is likely to be historic.  I hope you are all prepared as best you can be with emergency food, water, medicine, communications gear, etc.

Source: Hal Turner

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