Stephen Sackur speaks to the Russian foreign policy strategist and sometime Kremlin adviser Sergey Karaganov.

Sergey Karaganov, a veteran Kremlin adviser, warns western support for Ukraine is “ramming the door to hell”.

Sergey Karaganov : “”We are fighting a cancer, the cancer is called NATO and its expansion. We tried to persuade, work by persuasion, than by therapy, now by surgery and i hope it will not come to radiology, or else to more complex treatment”.

Stephen Sackur asked: “Sorry, sir, are you alluding there to Russia’s nuclear weapons capability?”

Karaganov answered: “I am not alluding to anything, i am saying, that we shall win the war, whatever that means. And i assume that we have all kinds of possibilities, i hope that we would not be using all that possibilities… But, our western partners, or our enemies, or whomever, are ramming the door to hell…”

Is there any difference with nato putting nuclear weapons on Russian border to the Cuban missile crisis I think not.

The West Needs a Cure for Cold War Fever

The US hegemony will not stand against Russia’s military superiority. Some russian military expert said once, that Russia can destroy US and Nato within 30 Min. – Putin said “even for less”…

Russian Doomsday Weapons are in the play. How many Poseidon nuclear torpedos are placed near US-border? They can lay there for at least 100 years. Could US Air Defense shot down all Avangard warheads flying with 20.000 mph, since it could’t shot down a cheap chineses balloon for a whole week?..

It’s time to negotiate, because later it will be time to caputlate…

Sources: Twitter and Telegram

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