A Russian Navy ship in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, conducted a simulated launch of a ZIRCON Hypersonic Missile against a “nautical target 900km away.”  The Simulated launch involved the use of Electronic Warfare that actually JAMMED U.S. radar, cellular phones in the Mid-Atlantic USA, and even disrupted digital internet traffic for 34 seconds!

The Russian Navy Frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” tested the strike capabilities of Russia’s much-hyped Zircon hypersonic missile in the western Atlantic Ocean.

People in the mid-Atlantic region of the US experienced electronic warfare jamming of civilian devices like cellular phones and Internet for 34 seconds.

VIDEO DELETED (Lack of authenticity)

One source reports via COVERT INTEL “In accordance with the training situation, the frigate practiced arranging a ZIRCON hypersonic missile strike against a maritime target at a distance over 900 kilometers away.”

Senior Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (1978–present)

Oh, the 1960s, the race to the moon and the missile gap.

At some point during the 1960s the U.S. Air Force did simulated bombing runs over several major cities in the United States. I was growing up in a suburb of Cleveland OH at the time and the newspaper would publish the time that the run would take place. We would all wait until the time came and, nothing. Then a minute or two late, we would hear the signature double boom, ba-boom, of the B-58 Hustler going over faster than the speed of sound.

People complained that the boom broke their windows, that it scared their children, or their dogs, or their cats, or their grandmothers.

After a while, maybe about a month of these flights which occurred about once a week, there was an announcement that the tests had been completed and we never heard them again.

Why was the boom late. Most likely because all of the watches and clocks were analog and my dad kept his watch a little bit fast so he would be early rather than late. 🙂

Note: As of January 14, 2021
Supersonic Aircraft Can Now Be Tested Over Land, FAA Rules,

That will show how well “boomless”—aka zero sonic boom—technology works at sound-barrier-breaking speeds? (Oh and what happens to violators? Nothing!)

(More likely than not Fido wants to measure complainant traffic from the “Common Core Grad’s” that the boom broke their windows, that it scared their children, or their dogs, or their cats, or their grandmothers. If nobody complains properly to their state rep, instead of burning and looting, then O~Biden Inc don’t have to explain? no-holds-barred!)

Supersonic aircraft just got a big boost from the Federal Aviation Administration.(and the O~Biden Inc common core public education) A new ruling will allow limited testing of Mach 1-plus aircraft over land. Until now, leaders like Aerion, Boom and Spike were limited to testing over water. (Yea right more like no-holds-barred!)

The FAA ruling still prohibits unlimited supersonic flight over US soil, (Yea right more like no-holds-barred!)but it does open a path for exemptions for testing the experimental aircraft. The US agency is also hoping to prompt aviation authorities in other countries to move in a similar direction, so that transcontinental supersonic flight could become reality in the next eight years.

Source: Hal Turner

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