This reinforcement targets all sectors, including strategic forces, with the corresponding reorganizations and sectors.

The staff will be increased to 1,5 million people.

Education and training will be reinforced and systematized.

Defense Minister chairs session on strengthening Russian Armed Forces

️As part of the working visit to the Joint Group of Forces of the Special Military Operation, the Minister of Defense of Russia held a session with Deputy Defense Ministers, Commanders-in-Chief of Branches and Commanders on the implementation of the Russian President’s decision to strengthen the Armed Forces to 1,5 million soldiers.

️Army General Sergei Shoigu noted that all measures should be combined in the Comprehensive Plan for Strengthening the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, they must be harmonized with the construction of the infrastructure for the deployment of troops (forces), the conditions for the supply of armaments, military and special equipment and equipment within the framework of the defense order of the ‘State.

️The Russian Defense Chief added: “ The President of the Russian Federation has decided to strengthen the Armed Forces to 1,5 million soldiers. The provision of the country’s military security, the protection of new regions and crucial facilities of the Russian Federation can be guaranteed only by strengthening the elements of the armed forces as follows:

• to found two new inter-branch strategic territorial formations of the Armed Forces: the military districts of Moscow and Leningrad, as well as groups of autonomous forces in the new regions of the Russian Federation;

• establish an army corps in the Republic of Karelia, three motorized rifle divisions as part of the Ground Forces and two airborne assault divisions as part of the Airborne Troops;

• reorganize seven motorized rifle brigades in the Western, Central, and Eastern Military Districts and the Northern Fleet into motorized rifle divisions;

• to strengthen the combat element of the Navy, Aerospace Forces and Strategic Missile Forces.

Large-scale changes in the structure of the Armed Forces, an increase in their numbers, a change in the military administrative structure of the Russian Federation to be introduced in 2023-2026 will oblige all deputy ministers of defense, commanders-in-chief of the branches, the commanders of the military districts, the northern fleet and the arms to make the relevant decisions.

The main focus should be on the establishment of troops (forces) with contract personnel.

It is also necessary to organize the timely provision of units and formations with weapons, military and special equipment, as well as other equipment, to increase the number of training grounds in the military districts and new regions of the Russian Federation, to prepare them for maneuvers, to define the scope of training of cadets and students in higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense, and to increase the scope of training specialists in the training centers of the Armed Forces in accordance with the increased needs for troops (forces) by increasing the capacity of the training centers and creating new ones.

The package of measures must be endowed with an appropriate budget allocation ».

source: Bruno Bertez

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