A naval attack group, which includes frigates, 3 submarines and the landing ship Pyotr Morgunov, left on January 11 from the Novorossiysk base. Washavianca-class submarines have been used to launch Kalibr cruise missile attacks on Ukraine. Subsequently, there was intense GPS jamming in the western Black Sea. NATO has decided to deploy 3 E-3 AWACS aircraft to Otopeni Air Base in Romania. This decision shows that something has started to go wrong in the Ukrainian AA defense early warning system based on information provided by NATO.

Russia carried out several strikes this morning on kyiv, the city of Zaporozhye and the Ochakovo naval base in the Mykolaiv region. Air alerts weren’t working. Deputy Commander of Ground Forces of Ukraine Lt. Gen. Alexander Pavlyuk noted that “the causes of the explosions will be announced separately.” Which shows a lot of confusion, basically Ukrainians don’t know what hit them. It was only 6 hours after the attack that they learned that Russian missiles had entered Ukraine via Belarus.

It is possible that Russia has created certain zones of invisibility for aerial and satellite detection systems. The Russians have several highly effective jamming systems, including the R 330ZH Zhitel and the Krasuha-4.

The R 330ZH Zhitel follows the dialogue (transmission and reception) between the NAVSTAR navigation satellite networks (GPS) and the airborne reconnaissance means (RC-135V, RQ-4B, E-3 AWACS). Simultaneously with tracking, the jamming of the R 330ZH Jitel interrupts the reception and transmission (delivery of information) from aerial reconnaissance platforms. The main mission of the Krasuha-4 is to jam the radars of manned reconnaissance aircraft (RC-135V, P-8A Poseidon and E-8C JSTARS), E-3 AWACS early warning aircraft and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (US RQ-4B Global Hawk drones). The Krasuha-4 also jams US military reconnaissance radar satellites Lacrosse and Onyx.

The inability of NATO reconnaissance aircraft to warn Ukraine of an impending Russian airstrike will force the Ukrainians to keep their AA missile battery radars operational. That the Russians can neutralize from the air with anti-radar missiles.


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