Holocaust survivor to be given compulsory medical treatment twice tomorrow 11.01.2023: She is to be forcibly inoculated against COvid-19 against her conscious decision. Furthermore, she is to be forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution.

There she is to be vaccinated twice against COVID-19. The woman has consciously decided against this vaccination and is now being subjected to a compulsory medical measure as a Holocaust survivor in Germany.

Please distribute this wherever you can.

Only the public can protect this woman

From the judgement:
The Local Court Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt decided by the judge at the Local Court Dr Luipold on
The placement of the person concerned by the guardian in the closed ward of a psychiatric hospital or a closed ward of a care facility is of a psychiatric hospital or a closed ward of a nursing home is suspended until approved until 05.12.2024 at the latest.

The consent of the guardian to the following compulsory medical measure
– Vaccination against Covid19 (Corona) by means of two vaccinations for basic immunisation each after an internal examination of the vaccination capability is approved until 16.01.2023 at the latest.
The above-mentioned measure is to be carried out under the responsibility of a doctor.

Vaccination against Covid19 against the will of the person concerned is not permitted within the framework of accommodation for the welfare of the person concerned. is necessary within the framework of the accommodation for the welfare of the person concerned in order to avert an imminent
health damage from her.

Attempts had previously been made unsuccessfully to convince the person concerned of the necessity of the medical measure. of the necessity of the medical measure. The considerable damage to health cannot be averted by any other measure that is reasonable for the person concerned.
The expected benefit of the medical measure significantly outweighs the expected impairment of the person concerned.


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