There will be an exchange of 24 SU35 fighters for Iranian drones and ballistic missiles Fatah, Zulfagar, etc.

The planes were ordered by Egypt in 2018 but were not delivered due to sanctions and are now going to Iran.

⚡️The price of the planes is over $2 billion + additional equipment, which means the Russians will get thousands of drones and missiles against them.

✅ The price of the Iranian Kamikaze drone (motor mower) is under $20,000, the missiles are also quite cheap and their range is very long.

This is very good business for Russia because the planes were produced anyway and Russia doesn’t need them, but it needs drones and lots of them.

⚡️That means if there have been drone and missile attacks, they will happen many times over the next few weeks because this deal increases capacity and volumes by multiples…

The West is currently preparing and arming 75,000 (!) Ukrainian troops in 4 corps in order to be ready to launch a counter-offensive against Russia in the spring.

The war is actually being fought to the last living Ukrainian.

But spring has yet to come, and today there is news that Soledar has been taken, which means a threat of semi-encirclement and splitting of Ukrainian troops…

There is information that the Ukrainians are planning an attack on the Far East as far as China’s border: on Komspomolsk-on-Amur.

This is where Russian geography ends, so to speak.

⚡️If you are wondering what they will be looking for there, let me specify that there is the SU plant and there are the SU-s destined for Iran.

The attack will take place with a swarm of drones (at least 100, although some say 40-50) launched from ships launched from neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean.

⚡️ Needless to say, even for a large country like Russia, this is a very complex military strike with incredibly difficult logistics.

Pacific Ocean, swarm of UAVs, ships, aiming/tracking/navigating…the Ukrainians don’t even have 0.000001% of the military capabilities for such an attack.

But it can be achieved courtesy of the whole of NATO + USA + Japan + South Korea.

This should make it clear WHO and WHAT is fighting Russia.


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