Video has emerged from inside Ukraine showing AMERICAN troops, who got lost, going to the private home of a . . . . RUSSIAN SPEAKING CITIZEN . . .  to ask for a “map” . . . .  so they can go kill . . . . Russians.

This is how half-assed things are going over there.

Question #1: Why are AMERICANS bearing arms in Ukraine?

I thought it was illegal for private American citizens to take up arms on behalf of another country. I thought an American LOST his citizenship for doing so.

Question #2: Why are these “troops” not able to get support from Ukraine? ? ?

If they’re fighting on behalf of Ukraine, where’s the support?  Where’s the logistics?  Where’s the communications?

Question #3: How long will Russia tolerate AMERICANS killing Russian soldiers, before Russia starts attacking the US for our war-making inside Ukraine?

The US and NATO can only feign “not being party to the conflict” for so long.  Clearly, both the US and NATO __are__, in fact, parties to the conflict. This video is proof.

Since Congress has not declared war, or even authorized the use of military force, by virtue of what authority are these Americans waging war in a foreign nation (in our name by the way)?

How long do YOU think Russia will sit-by and do nothing, while American troops kill Russian soldiers?

Get right with God.  The federal corporation-in-lieu-of-government is going to get a lot of us killed when Russia has to start lobbing nukes at our port cities to force us to stop supplying the war in Ukraine.

NATO/US/UK, etc have been directly involved from day 1. The line keeps getting pushed further and further. Russia fighting the war of economic attrition now. The west is sanctioning itself to death on purpose. Again, this really makes me wonder if – at the top – this isn’t all being choreographed. Those red lines of Russia’s were blown apart months ago.

Source: Hal Turner

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