Electric Hummer Could Cost As Much As $100 Per Charge, YouTube Review Shows

So it turns out the idea of an electric Hummer may not have been brilliant after all…

That’s because a new report out this week from The Drive notes that skipping the costly gas pump to charge your battery could still wind up costing nearly just as much as a tank of gas, thanks to the vehicle’s massive battery pack.

One YouTube reviewer “charged a Hummer EV from zero to 100% on an Electrify America charger” and it cost them about $100. The final was $96.32 before taxes and fees to charge the 246 kWh battery with 212 kWh usable capacity, the report says. 

It took 2 hours and 32 minutes to charge the vehicle fully, the report says. The Hummer has a range of 329 miles. The Drive noted that in some instances, it could wind up costing less than $100 to charge:

At Electrify America’s standing rates of $0.43/kWh, that comes to a total of $96.32 before taxes and fees. That rounds up to over $100 for a full charge, all things considered. That drops to $69.44 before taxes for Electrify America Pass+ members, who are only charged $0.31/kWh for a $4 monthly fee. Amusingly, though, Conner was able to score a complimentary charging session, saving himself big money in the process.

Alternatively, some Electrify America stations charge per minute rather than per unit of electricity consumed. At those stations, it’s possible to fully charge the Hummer EV for around $50, or $37 for Pass+ members, given rates of $0.32/min and $0.24/min respectively. That’s assuming the Hummer EV is charging at full speed on a 350 kW charger, of course.

“It has a massive battery pack and no efficiency,” a reviewer says in a video charging the vehicle. “But you have to love the excess,” he says. He also said that AC charging at home could be cheaper, but that it may take longer. 

After draining the Hummer’s battery, he hooks it up to an Electrify America charger to give it a trough to peak charge. Despite the charging costs, the reviewer still seemed to enjoy owning the vehicle: “I am in love this with this thing. This thing rocks,” he proclaims.

Here’s a video the charge:


Tyler Durden
Fri, 11/18/2022 – 17:20


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