Catholic Bishop: Only Putin is fighting against the forces of evil and the global world order

The Catholic Bishop in Great Britain, Richard Williamson, expressed support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and called Russia the last obstacle on the way to a single world order.

Among the heads of state, only one spoke out against the forces of evil. It is neither Boris Johnson in England, nor Macron in France, nor Draghi in Italy. That is Vladimir Putin. He may not be an angel or a saint, but he is still a reasonable and very brave man. “As the leader of Russia, he has the opportunity to stand in the way of a single world order,” said Bishop Williamson.

According to the bishop, “Russians are fighting in Ukraine, but not to destroy Ukraine.”
In that regard, Williamson reminded of Putin’s words: denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.
“Stupid Europe listens to the orders of the United States and their attempts to break Russia,” the Catholic bishop pointed out.
Williamson believes that the next lure of criminals who rule the world is the creation of artificial hunger, and he called on Europeans to create food stocks while they can still be bought.

“They invented a trick with kovid, they invented a trick with Ukraine, which has been provoking Russia since 2014. Russia had to defend itself. The real aggressor is not the one we think we are. “American agents have been provoking Russia from Ukraine for several years,” he said.

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At the same time, he complained that for many Americans, who were mostly Christians, true religion is now politics, and “many of them want to destroy Russia out of patriotism, since Russia is the last obstacle to a single world order.”

The speech of the British Bishop Richard Williamson, in which he spoke for the Russian Federation and Putin, went viral on the network.

The 82-year-old priest gave a sermon during a trip to Warsaw: he supported the special operation in Ukraine and said that “Stupid Europe is following the orders of the United States in their attempt to crush Russia.”

“Neither Boris Johnson, nor Emmanuel Macron, it is Putin who fights against the Evil” , Bishop Richard Williamson said.

Here’s what they write in the comments:

“The first rational person. The bishop turned out to be smarter than many politicians”;

“If only he was heard and understood! Although the hope for this is weak”;

“Grandfather-bishop did not sell his conscience to the devil and is smart and courageous enough to speak publicly about the real state of affairs in the world.”

Source: Telegram

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