“Azov” (banned in Russia) will surrender tomorrow. Night – to clean up evidence and witnesses. A hard night for foreign officers.

Resistance is futile and hopeless. Earlier this morning, 10 Ukrainian soldiers from the Kiev regime troops from the encircled Azovstal steelworks came to an understanding with the Russian soldiers and surrendered.

They told that numerous injured / wounded Ukrainian soldiers & mercenaries die from blood poisoning in the steel mill – which is why they negotiated that the wounded want to go into Russian POWs, otherwise they will die.

And so 51 wounded Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries are to be taken out of the steelworks and surrendered.

“In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison follows the approved decision of the military high command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people,” Azov said in a statement.

The appeal also says they have done their job – the enemy forces have been held for 82 days.

The NATO officers in the Pit-404 have wanted to surrender for weeks, but NATO wouldn’t let them

On the premises of the metallurgical combine “Azov-Stahl” [Azovstal; Азовсталь] According to Russian information, around 2,000 fighters from the regular Ukrainian army and the nationalist Azov regiment remain encircled in Mariupol. The stormtroopers of the Donetsk People’s Militia and the Russian army have meanwhile penetrated the factory premises and are occupying hall after hall.

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The Russians are desperate to capture the NATO officers alive

About 240 foreigners are in the building, including officers from NATO and the French Foreign Legion, as well as biolab staff. It’s about Pit-404, a NATO bio-military laboratory in Mariupol, 30 meters underground.

“Under the Azovstal industrial zone, owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, the alleged illegitimate son of former Ukrainian President Kuchma, there are 24 km of tunnels up to 30 m deep.

Canadian general arrested in Mariupol

Russian forces arrested Canadian General Trevor Kadier on the night of May 2-3, 2022 in Mariupol. He was transferred to Moscow, where he will stand trial.

General Trevor Kadier was apparently not on a Canadian government mission, but headed Bio-Lab #1, where 18 people worked under his direction.

The National Pulse revealed that Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, and Christopher Heinz, John Kerry’s son-in-law, through their company Rosemont Capital, are a supplier laboratory for Ukrainian military research on behalf of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), an agency of the Pentagon , had organized.

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China’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the United States has 336 overseas biological and chemical weapons research laboratories.

The Security Council held a meeting on March 11, 2022 on this issue.

Source: Citizens’ Initiative for Peace on Telegram

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