The leader of the bulgarian’s opposition party Vazrazhdane Kostadin Kostadinov has been banned from entering Ukraine for the next 10 years. He confirmed this at a press conference in BTA.

Kostadinov said he crossed the border between Moldova and Ukraine without any problems. And before that he left his car in Moldova. He did not tell anyone, including his family, exactly which places he would visit.

Hours after entering the country, he learned that he was wanted by three agencies- the military border, the police and the Security Service of Ukraine.

“It was clear to me why”, Kostadinov explained. He said he stood for nearly an hour “under the barrel of a machine gun” and was surrounded by four soldiers. He asked several times why he was detained, and one of his questions was answered that the Ukrainian authorities had information that he was the chairman of a pro-Russian party in Bulgaria.

This is a very serious violation of the law in Ukraine, where a state of emergency is in effect, and accordingly this charge is tantamount to the death penalty, Kostadinov said.

“They gave them information, not from a random person, but from the Bulgarian intelligence. “I can’t understand my country, which betrayed me and literally signed my death sentence,” he continued.

The big question is, because such a decision, and I know where all this work came from, because I know who I told in Taraclia, and there was enough time for the information to reach Kyiv, but I wonder if this information came with the approval of direct management or directly from the American embassy, probably they have ordered to hand it over through their channels, he admitted.

Asked where the information came from, Kostadinov said DAR(State Intelligence Agency).

Let’s say we know everything, he said.

And to ask, they will not tell me who exactly gave the information from Sofia to Kyiv, added the leader of “Renaissance”.

Unfortunately, our country is increasingly involved in this war. From the very beginning we asked what Bulgaria gains? Even then, we could say what he would lose, this was called cynicism by our political opponents. Now that we see this situation, why isn’t this humanitarian aid triggered, at least out of hypocritical concern? I cannot tell you the numerous complaints I have received. I went there at my own risk, I know what could happen to me. But the betrayal of the Bulgarian state can you imagine how it will affect the people there. You know that since I came home, it was minutes ago, I keep talking and looking for information on whether the people I met are alive. Is there any idea this traitor who sent this information, not just risked my life? I am a politician and I am not afraid. But the fact that you risk the lives of other Bulgarian citizens is a betrayal of the highest degree, Kostadinov was adamant.

The most interesting thing is that the conversations I had were about providing humanitarian aid. No one in Ukraine knows that Bulgaria has set aside for humanitarian aid, he said. People there asked Kostadinov who they should contact, since there is no diplomatic representative in Ukraine.

Does anyone in the Bulgarian government have any idea, if it runs the country at all, whether a shipment, 20,000 kilograms of helmets and bulletproof vests with a volume of 80 cubic meters for Ukraine, Lviv, was released on March 2? We know the name of the company, let’s ask the government to see if it is aware, Kostadinov added.

Source: The opposition deputy’s Facebook page

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